Thank you for donating to the love spain capital campaign in support of the mosaic cultural center...

You can choose to make a designated gift or gifts to any of the Love Spain capital campaign funds below or alternatively give an undesignated general fund gift at the very bottom below.  100% of your donation goes directly to the fund designated.  No amount is withdrawn for overhead, administration, or processing save a minimal credit card fee, which we absorb.  Thank you very much for your generous donation!    


Scholarship Fund ($43,200)

We need to raise 60 scholarships at $720 (600 euros) per scholarship to help 60 children and youth from low income families in Rivas Vaciamadrid and La Cañada Real attend after school classes and special training events at the Mosaic Cultural Center.  All students are obliged to pay what they can afford - even if it is very little.  We supplement the rest.  

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Volunteer Fund ($33,400)

We will increasingly rely on community volunteers and interns to increase our breadth and depth of programs.  Help us provide them with small stipends so that they are able to contribute additional hours and develop creative new learning methods and experiences.  

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Startup Fund ($30,000)

Our most pressing need is to find a larger locale for the Mosaic Cultural Center and then prepare it (customized rehabbing and remodeling) to get it ready for much wider use.  We will also need to install storage, and acquire appropriate furniture.  We want the locale to be able to serve multiple purposes including community activities and eventually a cafe/restaurant.     

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Minivan Fund ($20,000)

Mosaic Cultural Center leadership and staff need to get around and help transport and mobilize an increasing number of other staff, volunteers, and interns, as well as children, youth, and their families.  Help us acquire a good, used, sturdy, multi-passenger van.  

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Kitchen Fund ($15,000)

The Mosaic Cultural Center will host a significant number of group meals so a kitchen capable of handling sizable groups is essential.  We also would like the kitchen to service a possible full-scale cafe/restaurant in the future.  We will need all sorts of pots and pans as well as foldaway tables and chairs.  

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Equipment Fund ($7,000)

The Mosaic Cultural Center instructors want to utilize several computer-based and online teaching tools and resources in their instruction.  We need a basic set of computers, digital projectors, televisions, and a projection screen for wider community events and workshops.  

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